14 Easy Steps To ISO 14001 Certification


Step 1

Prepare an Environmental Policy statement – we will provide guidance and give examples for this.

Step 2

Conduct an Environmental review of the company, its activities and related environmental aspects to establish the current position. The review should cover:
Defining the boundaries of the organisational scope.
Identification of environmental aspects including Normal, Abnormal and Emergency situations. Define those that have a significant environmental impact.
QMI have environmental experts on hand to guide you through this process.

Step 3

Identify any Legislation or other requirements to which the organisation Subscribes. We have the experts on hand to help you develop the necessary list of legislation required for your organisation and link them to your activities and significant aspects.

Step 4

Establish 3 or 4 Environmental Objectives – These should be simple targets against which performance can be easily measured such as:

  • Reduce waste to Landfill by 10%
  • Reduce Utility usage by 20%
  • Zero Spills
  • Implement a Hose Management System to prevent leaks
  • Etc

Step 5

You will have to maintain or prepare procedures to cover:

  • Identification of significant environmental aspects.
  • Identification of applicable legal and other requirements
  • Control of Records to demonstrate conformity to the requirements of the environmental management system
  • Communication of its environmental aspects and systems
  • Document Control
  • Operational Controls
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Monitoring & Measurement
  • Evaluation of Legal Compliance
  • Internal Audit
  • Control of nonconformity, corrective action and preventive action

We will help you develop these procedures which may be in text or flowcharted form. Should you choose flowcharted format we will train your staff in the preparation of flowcharted procedures.

In addition to the above procedures you may choose to develop procedures for:

  • Purchasing & Control of Sub-contractors
  • Training and Competency
  • Others you may consider useful

You may also wish to develop “task” instructions for unique tasks carried out in your organisation, eg: Testing of the Drainage System and Interceptors, Signing of Waste Transfer Notes.

Step 6

Prepare job descriptions for personnel:

We will advise on critical content with respect to defining environmental competencies.

Step 7

Give awareness training to all employees on environmental policies:

We will advise on induction training, on the job training, developing a competency matrix if required and conducting appraisals

Step 8

Conduct Internal Audits – You will need to do these yourselves or, if required, we can for you. If you choose to do it yourselves we can provide the necessary certified Internal Auditor Training.

Step 9

Conduct an evaluation of Legal Compliance. This can be a simple or an onerous task dependent on the size of company and the amount environmental aspects related to legislation. Records of all evaluations need to be detailed and maintained.

Step 10

Establish a Corrective & Preventive Action System and be able to demonstrate that you are acting on any problems identified through your audits or non-conformance to systems.

Step 11

Test the company’s procedure for Emergency Preparedness. Evaluate any previous incidents for determination of potential emergency situations. Train personnel in how to respond to actual emergency situations and carry out drills to reinforce positive responses.

Step 12

Conduct Management Reviews – We will help establish a programme and list of inputs for review by management on a planned basis.

Step 13

If required we will conduct a full “Mock Assessment” and identify any weaknesses or gaps in your system before you undergo assessment by your chosen Certification Body.

Step 14

Assessment by your Certification Body and award of ISO 14001 certification!