10 Easy Steps To ISO 9001 Certification


Step 1

Prepare a Quality Policy Statement – we will provide guidance and give examples for this.

Step 2

Establish a number of Quality Objectives – These should be simple targets, which will specifically benefit your organisation and or the customer, against which performance can be easily measured;
examples :

  • Deliver on Time;
  • Attain minimum 90% Customer Satisfaction;
  • Less than 5% rejects;
  • Issue reports within 5 working days;
  • Etc.

Step 3

Prepare a Quality Manual – The length of the manual will be appropriate to your requirements. There is the obligation in the standards to state the scope of your management system, make reference to supporting procedures or work instructions and describe your processes and their interaction. You may also include a copy of the Quality Policy and a company profile and/or an Organisation chart; the presentation and understanding of how your organisation works.

Step 4

“Mandatory” procedures will be required; these include:

  • Document Control;
  • Quality Records;
  • Internal Audit;
  • Control of Non-Conformance;
  • Corrective Actions;
  • Preventive Actions.

We will help you develop these procedures which may be in text or flowcharted format. Should flowcharting be chosen, we can provide training for your staff in the preparation in this style of procedure.

In addition, further procedures may be considered to include:

  • Purchasing;
  • Design;
  • Training and Competency.

There may be other procedures which your organisation requires to assist the realisation of your product or service.

You may also wish to develop “task” or “work” instructions for unique tasks carried out regularly in your organisation, eg. holiday entitlement or staff driving.

Step 5

Prepare Job Descriptions for all personnel – We will advise on critical content with respect to defining competencies. We will also advise on the development of Induction Training, On-the-Job Training, a Competency and Training Matrix, Annual Appraisals and Personnel Development Programmes.

Step 6

Conduct Internal Audits – This action will need to be performed internally by your own staff or we can undertake this task on your behalf. If you choose the former, we can provide the necessary accredited Internal Auditor Training to provide you with the knowledge and skills to achieve this aim.

Step 7

Establish a Corrective Action System and be able to demonstrate that you are acting on problems identified through your internal audits, customer complaints or where non-conformance has been identified. The system permits, where applicable, your employees to establish non-conformity and to resolve these issues through application of the management systems procedures; Non Conformity and Corrective / Preventive Action.

Step 8

Conduct Management Reviews – We can support in the establishment of a programme for the review meetings, the list of inputs to be reviewed by management, assist with the measurement and analysis of the findings recorded leading to the demonstration that the processes have resulted in the establishment of continual improvement.

Step 9

We can conduct a full “Mock Assessment” and identify any weaknesses or gaps in your system before you undergo assessment by your chosen Certification Body.

Step 10

Assessment by your Certification Body and award of ISO 9001 certification.