Flowcharting Basic Awareness Course (Non IRCA certified)


This course is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of Visio to prepare basic flow chart procedures and organisation charts.  The full course is designed for students with no knowledge of processes or flowcharts.  The half day course is designed for students who require knowledge of how to use Visio to develop flowcharts.


This course aims to provide students with the ability to use Visio to develop flow chart procedures and understand the basics of a process and the related inputs, outputs, controls and resources

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives describe what students will know and be able to do by the end of the course. On completion, successful students will be able to:

  • Have an understanding of flowcharting techniques;
  • Know the various types of flowchart e.g., vertical, horizontal, “swim lanes”;
  • Risk assess how much detail to flowchart;
  • Use flowcharts to improve processes;
  • Use other tools such as PowerPoint and Excel to develop flowcharts.

Enabling Objectives

In order for students to achieve the overall learning objectives, they will need to acquire and develop specific knowledge. This is specified below as ‘enabling objectives’ and can be considered as steps to the achievement of the learning objectives stated above. Students will be able to:

  • Develop basic flowcharts using Visio;
  • Develop Organograms;
  • Estimate the uncertainty of measurement;
  • Convert bulky text based procedures into shorter, easier to follow, user friendly procedures;
  • Know how to consider inputs, outputs, resources and controls involved in a process.


All QMI courses involve a high level of student participation. A full set of student notes will be provided and a Certificate of Successful Completion will be awarded to students meeting the course assessment criteria.

Students will be required to come to the course with a lap top containing Visio. A limited amount of Visio loaded lap tops can be provided on special request prior to the course date.

Course durations can be either a full day for a flowcharting course or a half day course in the use of Visio.


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